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Seven Types Of Roof Installation You Can get From Roofing Services In Bristol

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Roofs determine the overall appearance of your home. They basically work as an exterior charm every home needs. However, you need to choose the right type to match excellence. Installing the right type of roof with help of roofing services in Bristol won’t just make your home look beautiful, but also protects you from external and weather-related threats. So delve into this blog to know 7 different types of roofs that can be your roofing option.


Seven Types Of Roofs Our Roofing Services In Bristol Can Fix


  • Gable Roofing


The most common and primitive style of roof is known as a gable roof. This variant of roof basically creates a triangle when two pitched areas of the roof meet.  And this gives your home a classic vibe. 


Although this style of roof varies on the structure of your home. You need to build a triangle of bricks on parallel walls to fit the roof. 


  • Hip Roofs


Hips roofs come among one of the favorite roofing services in Bristol for its robust structure and ability to make the attic bigger. Though it looks completely identical to a gable roof, it doesn’t rely much on the structure of your home.  


In measurement, a hipped roof has four parts with equal lengths. These sides meet at the top to form a ridge, and interestingly all parts are sloped. 


  • Mansard Roofing 


Is a big huge attic your dream? Then you definitely need to try out Mansard roofing, which is also known as French roofs. Mansard roofing features four sides with double slopes on each side. And this gives more space in your attic to comfort your lifestyle.


However, we would not recommend installing this variant of the roof if you are living in a snowy area. Since dense show won’t slide down, excess cold can be an issue.


  • Gambrel Roofing


Gambrel roofing style is quite similar to mansard roofs, but instead of four sides it only has two. The discussed roof type is beneficial because it’s affordable and the installation process is less time-consuming than other types of roofing. Even it can be the best option for you if your home is less specious.


  • Flat Roofs


When it comes to the most uncommon type of roof, flat roofs top the list. You won’t find a home with a flat roof until and unless it’s multistorey. And this type of roof is only beneficial when you don’t prefer spending excess on maintenance. 


You might believe such a roofing system would hold water on your top, but smart build a side a bit sloping to stop water logging.


  • Shed or Skillion Roof


Shed or Skillion roofs are basically boutique design of roofs that is very beneficial for preventing water logging issues. Professional roofing services in Bristol characterize a single-sloping roof attached to a taller wall that ends with another single-sloping roof. 


You can also describe it as a more angled version of a flat roof. Initially, this is the go-to type for home additions, extensions, porches, and sheds. In modern times, this roofing system is now used for modern-themed homes, gigging homes’ aesthetic appeal and best features.


  • Sawtooth Roofs


If you need a statement of uniqueness with your roof, sawtooth roofs are the best option to rely on. This type of roof is basically a combination of two or more parallel-pitched roofs giving it a unique shape. 


This type of roofing was traditionally used for warehouses and industrial buildings. After all, It does not just add architectural appeal but makes your lifestyle energy efficient.  This means you would get indirect sunlight throughout the day, minimizing electricity consumption.


Roofs are some of the important parts of a home. And that is why you must think twice while selecting the right roof type while installing with help of roofing services in Bristol. If you barely know the different types of roofs and their features, these above-mentioned points would help you out. 


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