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Commercial Services

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We are your best bet for commercial roofing solutions

A robust, long-lasting roof that shields your commercial unit from water, wind, and other dangers is crucial. And we at ZafBuild offer trustworthy and high-calibre roofing services across the UK. Our team of knowledgeable and professional roofers performs new roof installation and replacement services. 

We also conduct inspections, locate hard-to-detect leaks and repair them right away. On top of that, our roofers provide a thorough inspection of your commercial roofing system to detect potential damage after a heavy storm and offer a perfect solution beforehand. In short, you can count on us for any of your business roofing needs! In case of any commercial roofing emergency, never hesitate to call us. 

  • Our roofing systems are well-insulated, Class A fire rated, and waterproof. 
  • We offer premium-grade commercial roofing services that are reliable and affordable

Secure your commercial establishment with matchless roofing solutions

Different roofing issues require different solutions. We never believe in providing multipurpose roofing services. Rather, we dig into the matter, find out the root cause of the issue, and offer a tailor-fit solution. We are committed to delivering premium-quality and flawless roofing services. This is why we are committed to figuring out the ideal roofing material to meet your commercial unit’s requirements. 

Our staff has the ideal solutions for you, whether this entails installing shingles on a hotel roof to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere or installing a cool roof system to reduce energy expenditures. Being certified as professional roofing contractors, we only use durable and sturdy roofing materials from trusted brands. Give us a call anytime you need us to serve you foolproof commercial roofing solutions.


If you pay close attention to the roof, you will get the answer yourself. A hole in the roof, one more missing shingles, leaks, etc., are clear signs that your home needs a new roof.

Well, that totally depends on the quality of your roofing material as well as the maintenance routine you follow. A solid and sturdy roof usually lasts around 20 to 30 years

There is no official ‘roofing season, so you can get your roof replaced any time of the year. Usually, people choose to repair and replace the roofs pre-winter and pre-monsoon to protect their homes from the upcoming messiest months.

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If you are looking for any residential or commercial roofing installations or maintenance services, Zafbuild is the best choice for you. Get a free quote now.

Call us now to get your fine-tuned roofing solutions

At ZafBuild we never keep you on the waiting list for long. Teaming up with the best roofers, we fulfil all your roofing requirements at a pocket-friendly price rate. Whenever you are in a roofing crisis, call our toll-free number today. Or you can also write to us asking your queries.